Stacy "Bama" Burr and the BBS Team

Stacy “Bama” Burr began Powerlifting in the fall of 2014 and never looked back. Stacy is currently the All Time World Record holder in the 148 class across the board in both sleeves and wraps. Her 1,435 lbs total at 148 gave her an astounding 668 Wilks which ranked her as the #1 Powerlifter in the world. Stacy’s tenacity and perseverance to be “The Best in the World” is the very foundation and creed that built Bama Brick Squad Training.

Being very well-versed, Stacy and the Bama Brick Squad coaches offer various coaching services and packages, all geared towards helping you reach your goals. Bama Brick Squad works with athletes of all shapes and sizes. While the primary programming and coaching is geared for Powerlifting strength athletes, the training roster ranges from Crossfit Competitors, Competitive Bodybuilders, to just people looking to lose a few extra pounds or get a little stronger in a recreational setting. Bama Brick Squad also advocates the importance of nutrition in any sport or setting and also offers nutritional guidance and coaching as well. No matter what realm of fitness you come from, the Bama Brick Squad Training team is a place for you. We welcome all members from all backgrounds. At the end of the day our main goal is all the same, and that is to become the best version of ourselves. When you purchase your training from Bama Brick Squad, you are immediately accepted as part of the team and have an unwavering support system around the clock from people around the United States. You will never have to do anything alone. Be the best version of you…be the Best in the World!



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