September 1, 2017
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In 1980, the rookie American hockey team became known as “the miracle on ice” by beating the much more powerful dominant and experienced Soviet team 4-3. Just recently, underdog contender Holly Holms halted the seemingly unstoppable superstar Rhonda Rousey for her title in the second round.

What do both of these situations have in common, other than the prevalence of the underdog?
They prove that anything can be achieved with confidence and belief.

The limiting factor for most people is their own mind. Some people do not test their boundaries or push their limits because they are too afraid to fail or they automatically think they cannot do something. Well here is a news flash, you are capable of achieving essentially anything within reason if you both believe in yourself wholeheartedly and you work relentlessly. With a unwavering work ethic and due confidence anything is possible.

How terrifying must it be for an underdog to battle a no mercy, all powerful champion? Terrifying enough for you to work day in and day out so you can control the outcome. You must keep working until you believe that you have the power to win. Once you are confident in your own ability- you have become the master of your fate.

Outside of the realm of sports, consider those seeking employment. If you come into an interview with the slightest bit of doubt as to why you deserve the job- your future employer can see that. If I see doubt in your eyes when it comes to your worth- what makes you think I would invest in you with my company? You must be confident in everything you bring to the table. You must focus on your assets rather than your shortcomings. Ofcourse we all have downfalls, but remember that we are human and being confident in our ability is one of the most vital pieces to the puzzle that is success. When you seek employment- you need to enter that interview knowing that you could impact that company and make a difference. Convey the fact that you would be a vital asset to that team no matter your past experience or work history, you have to believe in yourself if you want someone else to.

As a competitive power lifter and a personal trainer I see doubt kill many in the gym. I train clients and I calculate reps based off of percentages, therefore I have 100% belief and confidence that they can complete the lift or the set but too often- I see my clients give up or sell themselves short. “That is too much, I can’t do that, there is no way!”
If you think you can or you think you can’t- you’re probably right.

I tell my clients that I would never load anything on the bar that you cannot do. For some, that gives them the gusto they need, and for others they throw the game before they step on the field.

In my own realm, I always use confidence when it comes to deadlifting. The deadlift is my favorite of all three power moves because you either do it or you don’t. There is not a half rep for a deadlift. So when you approach the lift you have to know, that you can do it….or it will eat you alive. The deadlift has no mercy. You have to approach that bar with the confidence of a den of lions. You must stay strong and sound in mind and body. Believe in your training that has led you to the lift up until now. Trust it and know that you have worked your behind off to get to this lift and you will do it.

Confidence is being able to walk into a room without having your nose turned up in the air thinking that you are better than anyone else- but you leave yourself no room for comparison. Be confident in who you are and what you stand for.

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