Stacy "Bama" Burr

#1 All-Time World Record Powerlifting Champion & CEO of Bama Brick Squad Training

  • ATWR Total for Classic Raw Division 1435 lbs (Squat: 565 / Bench Press: 320 / Deadlift: 550)
  • ATWR Total for Raw Division 1245 lbs (Squat: 463 / Bench Press: 281 / Deadlift: 501)
  • Weight Class 148 lbs
  • Wilks Score 668
  • Training Facility Bad Dog Barbell
  • Location Darlington, SC
  • Contact

Train with Bama

Being very well-versed, Stacy offers various coaching services and packages: all geared towards helping you reach your goals. She works with athletes of all shapes and sizes. Her primary programming and coaching is geared for Powerlifting strength athletes, but her training roster ranges from Crossfit competitors, Competitive bodybuilders to just people looking to lose a few extra pounds or get a little stronger in a recreational setting. Stacy also advocates the importance of nutrition in any sport or setting and also offers nutritional guidance and coaching as well. No matter what realm of fitness you come from, the Bama Brick Squad Training team is a place for you. We welcome all members from all backgrounds. At the end of the day our main goal is all the same, and that is to become the best version of ourselves. When you purchase your training from Stacy you are immediately accepted as part of the team and have an unwavering support system around the clock from people around the United States. You will never have to do anything alone. Stacy has a local training facility in SC, Bad Dog Barbell, which all members of the Bama Brick Squad Training team are invited to train. The gym is equipped with top of the line Powerlifting equipment in a fun, laid-back environment. Get started today with one of the options below!

Coaching Rates


1-on-1 Personal Training

30 /month

12 Week Intro to Strength Training Guide

100 /month

Powerlifting Programming

150 /mo

Meal Planning

200 /mo

Monthly Nutrition and Workout Planning (Lifestyle Clients)

Rates Vary

Bodybuilding Contest Prep (12 wks)

Client Testimonials

  • Working with Stacy for the past almost year (10 months) has been nothing short of life changing. From the beginning I knew I made an amazing choice of reaching out to her to be my coach. It's never been a one size fits all programming. She has always genuinely cared about my goals and well being. When we first started working together she talked about laying out our base BRICK by BRICK for a strong foundation because without a strong foundation everything will crumble. While I know that was you explaining how we were going to accomplish my goals for training it applies so much more to the atmosphere of being a part of BamaBrickSquad. Each of us is a BRICK supporting each other in whatever we dream of accomplishing. I can truly say that working with Stacy and being a part of this team has made me not only healthier and stronger physically but mentally as well. Without Stacy as my leader, friend, and coach and without the people we surround ourselves with I probably wouldn't have been able to dig deep and overcome the feelings of self doubt or failure when they have come.
    So what I'm trying to say is thank you Stacy! Thank you for having a heart that's bigger than your total!

    Tricia King Powerlifter, USPA
  • I went to Stacy about three years ago and told her I wanted to body build. I asked her to help me. I was small, with no shape what so ever. She gave me a complete plan including my cardio, training and nutrition and actually taught me hands on how to lift. Stacy takes pride in her work and bases all her training off of you personally and your goals. She never sends out some generic plan that is for everyone. She takes care of all her clients, I can say from experience. Being a part of the Bamabricksquad to me is about more than being in shape and training. It is a family of people that help and support one another, inside and outside of the gym. Through training with Stacy and being part of this team I have honestly learned how to be mentally strong and apply myself in all things. BBS and working with Stacy has changed my life. I couldn’t ask for a better coach or a better group of people to help me get closer to my dream. If it was not for me reaching out to Stacy when I did, I would not be where I am today. I would not be half the man I am now. I could go on and on, but just know that I love working with Stacy and I love being part of the BBS family!

    Stevie Sellers Competitive Bodybuilder
  • When I first began working with Stacy, I had recently competed in my first powerlifting meet. My training followed no particular method and lacked specificity. When I reached out to Stacy, the first thing that stood out to me in her response, was how much she obviously cares about her clients. She absolutely loves this sport. Since working with Stacy, not only have my numbers skyrocketed, but my technique has improved exponentially. One of my favorite things about BAMABRICKSQUAD is the emphasis on proper form to prevent injury which also carries over into the lifter being more efficient under the bar.
    Unlike other coaches, Stacy also responds quickly to questions regarding form/technique, programming Etc. There is a reason Stacy tailors her programs to the individual. We do not only focus on getting stronger, we focus on postural imbalances, plyometric/explosive training and cardiovascular wellbeing.
    Still, I have to say the best part of working with Stacy for almost a year now has been the way she has helped me grow as a person. The confidence I have built from wrapping my fingers around a barbell has infiltrated every area of my life outside of the gym. I stand up for myself. I am more mindful in my relationships. I have learned to love my body after 8 years of struggling to accept my physical self. I look in the real mirror now. Stacy is not only an extremely knowledgeable coach, but she has mastered the art of showing her clients what fierce compassion looks like. If you're looking to work on yourself as an athlete and simultaneously be invited to succeed as a person, BAMABRICKSQUAD is the place for you.

    Leah Bamman Powerlifter, USPA
BBS Team
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About Bama

Stacy “Bama” Burr is a native of Darlington, SC. She played Division II Softball and has won various academic and athletic awards. She earned her degree from Coker College in Physical Education with a specialization in Exercise Science in 2014. She even presented research at the national level with the American College of Sports Medicine in 2014. While attending Coker she also earned her Personal Training certification through the National Council on Strength and Fitness in 2013. In 2014-2015 she served as an Assistant Strength Coach for the softball team at a local high school. One of Stacy’s goals is to be well versed in many different areas in order to help reach the needs of more people. Stacy served an internship underneath a Crossfit instructor and has also done her fair share of OCR races and running events before she fell in love with the sport of Powerlifting. She began Powerlifting in the fall of 2014 and never looked back. Stacy is currently the All Time World Record holder in the 148 class across the board in both sleeves and wraps. Her 1,333 lbs total at 148 gave her a 620 Wilks which ranks her as the #2 female Powerlifter in the world.


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