Plans and Effort

December 31, 2019

By Affiliate Coach Chad Delany of TriFit Barbell (Mauldin, SC)

A plan is only as good as the effort you put into it

As a coach and athlete there is no greater advice that I can give you then to increase your effort in training. 

I will first speak to the athletes reading this article. 

Throughout my coaching and training career the results varied from each program for a number of reasons. One aspect that always dictated the most amount of physical gain (next to genetics) was the effort involved. 

I have seen a wide variety of effort levels. 

Warm-ups, practice sets/reps, and accessories all skipped or half-assed because the athlete didn’t give it their all from the very beginning.

(Remember individuals can get very different results from the same structured routine based on their level of preparation and execution).

 If you perform at half of your capacity then expect half the progress. 

This idea should be a no-brainer but its not. Just because you showed up doesn’t mean you made any progress. If this sounds like you,then I recommend you change your mindset. 

The discipline it takes to stay aggressive in the gym can be difficult. I find what works best is a series of steps to get my mind focused. Consider this a ritual that you will perform before each workout. 

Step One

First step is making sure I eat and drink something with caffeine. Proper fuel for the fire is essential for a good flame. Having adequate stimulation such as caffeine has positive effects on training for me personally because I find myself with more energy, ready to attack training.

Step Two

Second step is to find music that gets me moving and speaks to the mood I need to be in. 

Step Three

Third step is to breathe deeply while going through the warm-up exercises. This will help clear your mind of outside distractions and increase the amount of oxygen getting to your brain.

Step Four

Fourth and final step is to practice the lifts with intensity as you work up to proper load amount. Treat the bar like it’s the heaviest thing you’ve ever attempted to move. I continue to act in this fashion for the rest of the routine. 

Quality training over time can separate you from all others.

Now, I want to also speak to the coaches reading this. You have a responsibility to your clients to put forth equal effort in which that athlete gives you. If they go hard each workout, take notes, send videos, ask for more, then match that intensity with the best possible program and plan you can muster. On the other hand, This does mean that if you have an athlete that does not commit to themselves then you can’t force it. 

Effort is a direct reflection of the person’s dedication to their own fitness. 

Always communicate that the effort you expect and want them to deliver should be as high as possible. 

A plan is only as good as the effort you put into it.

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