BBS Coaches

Meet the BBS Coaches

Tricia King | Assistant Coach

Specialty: Powerlifting


Tricia has quite the transformation story herself: coming from weighing in over 200+lb to weighing in at 148lbs as an Elite level powerlifter and certified personal trainer.

Tricia became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2017 and is also a state level judge for the United States Powerlifting Association.

She leads by example for her two wonderful daughters and shows that with dedication, consistency and hardworking anything is possible.

Best Total: 963lbs at 148lbs via Squat 352lb / 209lb Bench Press/ 402lb Deadlift

Instagram: @triciaking2

Chad Delaney

Specialty: Powerlifting/ Power Building

I was born and raised in Michigan. From an early age I was always incredibly shy and introverted. It wasn’t until age 13 that I came out of my shell after my father gave me ‘Arnold’s encyclopedia’ and I became hooked. Health gave me something that I had absolute control over. Training specifically was something I began to take pride in. So, along with a set of dumbbells and bench press I was given the tools to start my journey into health and fitness. I followed bodybuilding routines from 13 until I entered college where I played for a number of club volleyball teams. My training never stopped during this time frame. Id spend 2 hours in the gym everyday followed by 3-4hours of volleyball practice every evening. I left Michigan and moved to Greenville South Carolina in 2007. I then attended GVT and got a certificate in applied science and major in personal training. From there I took the NASM and followed that up with a USA-W level 1 certification. In 2017, I along with a business partner opened a performance gym called-TriFit barbell. Since 2017 I’ve been coaching athletes of all different backgrounds and goals from bodybuilding to sports specific athletes and strength competitors.

If you are looking for help with strength gains, interested in powerlifting, hypertrophy or a mixture of all three contact Chad at:


Daniel Lowder

Specialty: Crossfit/ Functional Fitness

Daniel is CrossFit Level 1 certified and has been training and coaching for 4 years.

Being a well versed athlete: He has competed in triathlons, spartan races, CrossFit events and has competed in powerlifting as well.

Daniel’s main focus in functional fitness!I He believes “It’s great to be good in the gym but it’s better to to great outside the gym.”

He has the no quit mentality in any and everything he does and that includes helping his clients and athletes succeed and become the best version of themselves!

If you are interested in working with Daniel contact him at:

Instagram: @lowderdaniel

Seth Deese

Specialty: Hypertrophy/ Weightloss

Seth is a certified Personal Trainer through NASM and has seven years experience under his belt. His desired style of training is bodybuilding focused as he is a Nationally Qualified Competitor for the Men’s Classic Physique division. To go along with his experience training, Seth is also CPR certified and IASTM Certified.
Seth’s fitness journey has helped mold him into the person he is today and one of his goals is to inspire that same type of change within others as he found within himself.
He works with clients of all shapes and sizes and excels with clients who are looking to make long term lifestyle changes with their diet and training.

If you are interested in working with Seth to reach your fitness goals contact him at:

Instagram: @sethdeese_fitness

Eric Wilberg

Specialty: Powerlifting

I began my lifting career at 13 years old and quickly realized that the weight room was more than just working out for me. I began seriously training for powerlifting at 18 for fun, to give myself an outlet, and most importantly to provide structure in my life. Over the last 5 years as a powerlifter I also discovered my passion for helping others via coaching. As a coach, my ultimate goal is to instill self-confidence, discipline, and a positive mindset in my athletes via training. My requirements for clients are to be positive, work hard, and be honest with themselves.

Best total 1824lbs via 640lb Squat /430lb Bench Press /755lb Deadlift at 198lbs

If you are interested in competitive powerlifting or taking your athleticism to the next level email Eric at

Instagram: @eric_wilberg