Always Proud II


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Pride- A reasonable and justifiable feeling of being worthwhile : self respect.


I think everyone should be proud of themselves, no matter who they are or what time of the year it is.


What are you proud of?

Is it for being who you truly are- in a world that tries to keep you inside a tight fit box?

Is it for how hard you are trying? You’re going against the grain and you are doing it WELL! That is enough to celebrate and to recognize that you aren’t in the same place that you have been before.

Maybe you are proud of yourself for being the good in the world. Maybe it has nothing to do with which flag or colors you see being flown. Be proud of yourself for how you treat others as you walk through this world- recognizing and acknowledging our differences but finding connection in our similarities.

Feeling proud has been connected to tons of positive emotions such as:

Self love

Self respect

Self Assurance

& Confidence



Choose pride today and show your true colors, no matter what they are!

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