Hypertrophy Program 2.0 (12 Weeks)




12 Week Hypertrophy Program designed with strength athletes in mind!

Need something to do during your “offseason?”

Maybe you want to take a break from competing and build some muscle to
better support your future totals.

Or maybe you’ve never been into strength training before and you’re
looking for a program or a plan that gives you a place to start and
build from?

Look no further!

This is a 12 week hypertrophy program broken into three- 4 week phases
that incorporates compound moves and secondary accessory movements as
a stimulus to yield hypertrophy.

The program is designed with 6 days per week with one complete rest
day per week! (That’s 72 WORKOUTS)

Try it out and send in your before and after photos to
bbstraininginfo@gmail.com !

Target Audience: Experience recommended / Intermediate / Should have
knowledge of barbell movements and body awareness


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